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Tingalpa Tree Removal & Pruning

Agro Tree & Stump Services was called out to the Tingalpa property to advise on the home owner's storm preparation and also to give the property a general tidy up and maintenance. Upon inspection our trained arborist advised that the large Norfolk pine was in poor health, with limbs dropping. Due to the pine's close proximity to the house it was advised that the tree be removed because of the tree's rapid decline in health. The other trees on the property simply needed pruning to improve on their visual appearance.

On the day of the required tree works our qualified arborist along with the Agro Tree & Stump Services ground crew setup to tackle the large Norfolk pine removal first. Our qualified arborist was able to climb the Norfolk pine and rig down sections of the tree to the awaiting ground crew. Once safely on the ground all tree debris was processed through Agro's large industrial chipper and turned to forest mulch. The majority of the maintenance pruning was able to be done from the ground using a large extendable pole saw. Once all completed, all tree debris was processed and removed from site.   

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