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St Lucia Tree Pruning & Removal

Regular tree maintenance and pruning can be beneficial for property value, visual attraction and not to mention the health benefits for the tree. However the caesalpinioideae on this  St Lucia job site required tree pruning for practical reasons. In its current condition the tree was obstructing the client's driveway. Our qualified arborist evaluated the site prior to job commencement to determine that the caesalpinioideae required a canopy lift prune on road side as well as pruning for residents driveway for clearance of vehicles. It was also severely effected from a previous storm causing a lot of the inner canopy to be damaged with deadwood and failed limbs that required remedial pruning as well as crown maintenance. The job also entailed weed species removals, chinese elm and deadwood pruned from property borders and poisoning of stumps. The rear of property required extensive pruning from walk way due to undergrowth and incorrectly planted trees.
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