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Narangba Valley Tree Removal

The Agro Tree & Stump Services crew and qualified arborist were contracted to make a farming site in Narangba Valley safe for staff members. The task was to fell an uprooted eucalyptus tree that was endangering staff along a track. The Agro Tree & Stump Services crew used large arborist grade ropes to tie the large leaning tree. The eucalyptus tree was then felled using advanced felling techniques as crew members safely guided and directed the large hung up and leaning tree in accordance with arboriculture industry techniques to prevent damage to surrounding trees and fauna. Agro Tree & Stump Services felled the large tree and lopped any branches in the direction of fall. Once the large dead leaning tree was felled safely on the ground, the crew managed the material into firewood sections/rounds using cross cuts and lopping large limbs into firewood.

The second large stringy bark tree was showing signs of an unnatural lean and the canopy was disproportional, with heavy leaning towards crops and farming area. Neighbouring trees were structurally unsound and dropping large limbs along the boundary line. The Agro Tree & Stump Services crew and qualified arborist placed a tag line into the canopy for added security and safety when being felled. The qualified arborist team leader was confident with the direction of fell because the stringy bark was naturally leaning in the direction of the drop zone. The tree was managed with the tag line as the crew felled the large stringy bark tree. When the tree was on the ground the crew used arboriculture industry standard Stihl chainsaws to cut and lop branches and logs into firewood rounds. All the branches and limbs were lopped and stacked for future firewood use. (Heavy machinery such as large wood chippers and trucks were not used on this job due to restrictions on farm site.)

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