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Mansfield Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

On this Mansfield job we were hired to remove a large storm damaged eucalyptus encroaching on the neighbouring property. We had previously been in contact due to the large tree dropping limbs. Jake the tree inspector had done an evaluation and condemned the tree due to noticeable cracks throughout the canopy, storm damaged limbs and some root plate lift.

The owner had a young family and was more than happy to do a complete tree removal so the job was scheduled in ASAP. Jake the tree inspector also installed bracing into the tree before leaving the inspection for added safety. The arborist on site assessed the tree for climbing then proceeded to climb the tree and remove the tree’s canopy.

The arborist worked closely with the ground crew to lower branches and remove the storm damaged limbs. The tree debris was removed through tight access alongside the property which was then mulched with a large wood chipper. The customer also required stump grinding.

Agro Tree & Stump Services’ equipment includes a range of tight access stump grinders. Once the tree was removed the crew used a stump grinder to navigate the tight access without any damage to property and successfully ground the stump. This job was completed for a repeat customer.

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