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Everton Park - Tree Maintenance, Removal & Stump Grinding


Everton Park, Brisbane

Tree Removal,Tree Pruning, Stump Grinding, Cherry Picker


Agro Tree & Stump Services team were required to bring in a 15 meter cherry picker to dismantle, remove and lopp a large eucalyptus tree at the front of the Everton Park property. The two arborists on site used a large wood chipper for the removal of tree debris. The two arborist onsite were required to lower large tree branches over hanging the house, car port, and service lines.

They removed each limb with advanced rigging techniques as not to damage surrounding garden beds or property.The arborist also used  a skid steer for the large log which was removed from site as fire wood. The team then proceeded to climb and fell three large Alex palms in close proximity to the house using precision tree felling techniques.

At the rear of the property there were seven large hedges that the crew cut down with felling and rope techniques. Tree debris was the  removed from site through a very tight access gate utilizing Agro Tree & Stump Services large wood chipper for tree debris.

The property owner required all stumps to be removed. Agro Tree & Stump Services used their medium size stump grinder for the complete removal of all large stumps including the large eucalyptus stump and all the tight access stumps from the hedges which required precision stump grinding techniques.  

The customer used the mulch from the trees for their garden beds.
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