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Caboolture Heavy Leaning Pine Removal

The Caboolture property was home to a large bunya pine with a heavy lean, located in close proximity to the neighbouring property. The tree had recently started dropping large limbs over the neighbours shed and was recommended for removal by our qualified arborist. Due to good access to the bunya pine the Agro Tree & Stump Services crew were able to utilize our in-house EWP to complete the removal. The surrounding bunya pines all required a clean up and a canopy lift to help give the property a more tidy look as well.

Nearby was a large storm damaged eucalyptus which had dead limbs encroaching on neighbours property. The Agro Tree & Stump Services crew was also able to prune back dead limbs using the EWP due to easy access. There was also several cocos palms dropping large dead fronds and berries over the home owners clothes line and sitting area which required our qualified arborist to climb the palms and safely remove the large dead fronds to the awaiting ground crew. All tree debris was processed through our large industrial wood chipper and removed from site.

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